Trials of Treasure , 보물찾기로 DS염색약얻기

Trials of Treasure , 보물찾기로 DS염색약얻기

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울티마온라인 Demise Server 이벤트

Trials of Treasure 

7th - 28th September 2019

For the month of September we will be running a special treasure hunting themed event, consisting of the following additions:

All dug up treasure chests have a chance to contain a 1-charge random Demise Darkside Dye pigment bottle. The chance is doubled in Felucca.

The intensities of the other loot contained in dug up treasure chests has been improved to be comparable to higher-end monster loot.

Additionally, there are also a few twists:

Monsters in Ilshenar and paragon chests will drop treasure maps for somewhere in Ilshenar instead of Trammel, to one of 135 new treasure locations.

When any chest is dug up, all chest guardians must be killed before the chest can be opened.

Happy hunting from the Demise team!

다크사이드 염색약은 울티마온라인 Demise 서버에서 매우 고가에 거래되는 염색약입니다


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[ 울티마 온라인 신규유저분들을 위한 글 ]

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