[PVP] 몇가지 근접전사 스킬 트리와 외국친구들의 생각

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[PVP] 몇가지 근접전사 스킬 트리와 외국친구들의 생각

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90 healing, 80 anatomy, 90 tactics, 120 resist, 120 bushido, 120 parry, 100+20 swords
Swords tactics bushido parry resist healing anat
It's good surviveability and utility, but very low damage
If you play from Asia, you might not like playing a melee char. Hard to chase people with high ping


Skrillex (Chico sexy español)2019.12.02.
120 fencing
100 parry
100 RS
100 anat
100 heal
100 poisonig
Thats my teamplate,  actually poisining is not very usefull you could use chivarlry or spellweaving
About the stats... 
120 str
120 dex
Rest int
To be 150 with str/agi pots
I always used fencing, fast damage
Disarms, bleeds, dismounts, stuns, poison
Insane teamplay if you are not very focused
And if you are focused, thats why parry saves your life against archers

Maloskies (KVG leader)2019.12.02.
keep in mind meelee characters are really only good against dismounted players (so killing pets which takes awhile) or against wraiths or with riding swipe, still archers will heavily outshine them in almost all scenarios
so dont get discouraged if thats what he wants to play :P

Koziar (dżentelmen)2019.12.02.
Or he can try mix swords/mace/fenc with archer and play without alchemy, support chsr for disarm parablow etc




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